In one of last month’s blogs, we talked about what green lumber (also known as wet lumber) is. If green lumber has been used in a home construction, what could be some of the possible issues that could arise from it?


As we mentioned before, green lumber has a higher moisture content when it is used, which means that it will continue to dry out and shrink. If it is still shrinking after being used in construction, a number of issues can occur. Something you may see happen are nails popping out through the drywall. The reason for this is that as the wooden frame shrinks, it generates a gap between the nails and drywall, pushing the two together. This in turn, can force a nail to push through the drywall. Shrinking wood can produce other gaps as well.


Another thing that can occur is that fluids such as sap can gradually ooze out of the wood and cause staining. We know that water will continue to evaporate from green lumber as it is drying out. If the wood has been painted before it has had time to dry out, it could cause the painted surface to bubble and look unappealing.


Mold is another problem that can arise. Mold spores can develop very easily on wood that is not properly dried out. Did you know that even during transportation, the wood could already have developed it? This means there could be a possible mold issue even before the house has been finished.



To summarize then, while green lumber is not as expensive as dried out wood, there is the potential for it to cause a number of complications after construction.

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