Tree Houses

Over the years, hundreds of thousands of treehouses have been built across the US and they provide great fun for children. However, they also have their dangers so home owners should be aware of the potential hazards

Inspection – Based in England, the Forestry Commission has outlined some safety guidelines for treehouses and they are very much universal;

Fall Zone – Around the treehouse, there should be no sharp objects, tree stumps, rocks, waste, metal objects, etc. Known as the ‘fall zone’, vegetation is fine and wood chips also make for a safe area around the treehouse.

Fall Height – Unless there is excessive protection against falls such as strong railings on the treehouse itself, there should never be a fall height of more than two meters.

Structure – To prevent a collapse, the structure should be secure and this can be checked using the appropriate safety equipment from the outside. Whenever a ladder is employed, remember the working at height regulations. As well as the treehouse the actual tree and surrounding trees should be assessed for decay or fungus.

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